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Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Facts

General Information
No physician, sexual partner or spouse should tell you to have Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. Only the individual considering surgery can make that decision. A patient must remember that all surgeries have potential risks and some cosmetic surgeries are essentially irreversible (ie labiaplasty) . Only the patient can make the decision to go to surgery after the physician discusses with the risks, benefits and alternatives to cosmetic vaginal surgery.

Below are topics and/or questions frequently asked or discussed with our patients that are contemplating having Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore feel it is their duty to empower women with knowledge, choices and alternatives that most of their colleagues do not impart on their patients. This allows the patient to make an informed decision about their healthcare and their future quality of life.

The cost of your procedure will depend on its extent, the number of areas that need treatment, and what you wish to accomplish. Please contact our Patient Coordinator, Ronda Skipper for more information and detailed pricing. Morgan can be reached by email or her direct line 770-475-0862.

Financing Options
We offer financing through a number of financial institutions including: Care Credit, Chase Health Advance and others. Please see our Financing Options page for more information or contact our office directly.

Financing Options

Out of town / State patients (more than 2 hours)
Patients coming in from out of town, can usually be seen for an initial consultation on a Monday and then proceed with surgery on the following day, Tuesday. However, you might prefer to make 2 trips. The first trip would be for your consultation and the second for surgery. Our doctors recommend that you stay 24 hours at a hotel after surgery to allow your body to rest and in case there is some type of minor complication. On the day of surgery you will need someone to drive you to and from the surgical facility. If you do not have someone to come with you, please let us know and we can discuss alternatives with you.

For more information, please see our Travel page or contact our office directly.

Travel Options

Patients within a 2-hour drive
If you are local we definitely encourage two separate trips. The first trip would be for your consultation and the second for surgery. We often recommend two trips because you are close enough to the office that it is logistically feasible to do so. Two trips allow a patient more time to consider their alternatives, choices and whether they feel Dr Miklos & Moore are the right surgeons for you. On the day of surgery you will need someone to drive you to and from the surgical facility. If you do not have someone to come with you, please let us know and we can discuss an alternative with you.

Why choose a Fellowship Trained Urogynecologist and Reconstructive Vaginal Surgeon vs. Plastic Surgeons and General Gynecologists?
Though there are no hard fast rules as to how to choose a surgeon, there are some basic criteria that hold true when choosing an expert in any field and they include: experience, expertise and results. I suggest that results are probably the most important of the three criteria. Usually results are a product of a well-trained surgeon (experience) who has plenty of expertise in the surgical discipline discussed. Fortunately results are the easiest to verify and this is usually confirmed by seeing before and after pictures or reading/hearing testimonials. No surgeon is perfect and no surgeon can have 100% perfect results but as a patient you should do your due diligence and choose your surgeon as it is one of the most important investments in your life. Failure to do so can result in botched surgery (

Plastic Surgeons – usually spend 3 years in general surgical training learning various surgeries including; bowel surgery, chest surgery, appendix removal, gall bladder removal and then another 2-3 years in plastic surgical training where they spend most of their time doing wound treatment for ulcers and burns as well as facial and body surgery like breast augmentation, abdominoplasties, eyelids and noses. Very little time if any is spent focusing on the internal or external vagina structures.

Total training time (after medical school) – 5-6 years -- little time dedicated to vagina surgery.

Gynecologists - spend 4 years training in obstetrics and gynecology of which approximately 2.5 years are spent on obstetrical care and only approximately 1.5 years in gynecologic surgery. Most of these surgeons rarely if ever do more than 1 or 2 labiaplasties during their training.

Total training time (after medical school) – 4 years – approx. 1.5 years dedicated to vaginal surgery

Urogynecologists - usually have 2-3 years more training that is dedicated to learning the art of reconstructive vaginal surgery. There for they spend the same 4 years as their ob/gyn colleagues but then continue on to train an extra 2-3 years. Their training is often described as an advanced training known as a fellowship. Many surgeons will claim to be urogynecologists but do not have the extra fellowship training. I highly encourage all patients to inquire to a surgeons training and specifically ask about urogyencology "fellowship" training.

Total training time (after medical school) – 6-7 years – with 3.5 - 4.5 years dedicated to vaginal surgery

Drs. Miklos & Moore – not only trained as gynecologists but both surgeons have trained an extra 4 years doing two fellowships one in Urogynecology & Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery (2 years) and second fellowship in Minimally Invasive Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery (2 years). They have spent an extra 4 years dedicated to vaginal reconstructive surgery. Please see the results of their cosmetic surgery (link to before & after labia)

Total training time (after medical school) – 8 years-- with 5.5 years dedicated to vaginal reconstructive surgery

Choose your surgeons wisely it is one of the most important decisions of your life!

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