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Labia Majora Convergence

Labia Majora Anterior Divergence

A - Labia Majora w/ Anterior Divergence
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Labia Majora with Posterior Divergence

B - Labia Majora w/ Posterior Divergence
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After Anterior Convergence

A - After Anterior Convergence Surgery
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After Posterior Convergence

B - After Posterior Convergence Surgery
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Labia majora convergence surgery is performed in women who feel that their labia majora diverge away from the clitoris or away from the perineal body. 

When viewing a picture or medical illustrations of patients with this problem, they often complain that their labia majora diverge away and don’t come together.   This can occur anteriorly above the clitoral hood and posteriorly below the vaginal opening at the perineum.  

Surgery can be performed to pull the majora towards the midline to give a more aesthetically appealing contouring of the majora both above and below the vaginal openings.


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Labia Majora Convergence

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