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Labiaplasties Gone Wrong

Labiaplasties Gone WrongDr. John R. Miklos and Dr. Robert D. Moore receive emails daily from women all over the world seeking advice and surgical revision after being botched by their primary surgeon.

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are experts in labia revision surgery. They have combined their experience in reconstructive vaginal surgery with their training in laser cosmetic surgery to improve upon the techniques that most other surgeons use and as you can see by their before and after pictures, their results really show these improvements.

Though there are no hard fast rules as to how to choose a surgeon, there are some basic criteria that hold true when choosing an expert in any field and they include: experience, expertise and results, with RESULTS being the most important of the three criteria. Usually results are a product of a well-trained surgeon (experience) who has plenty of expertise in the surgical discipline discussed.

Choose your surgeons wisely; it is one of the most important decisions of your life!

Below are some stories from women seeking advice from Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore

**Please note:  Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore did NOT perform their original labiaplasty procedure

Labiaplasty nightmareI am so glad I found you.   I am seriously scared. 

 About three weeks ago, I had a labiaplasty procedure done.  From the day I got home, I thought it was botched.  It was supposed to be a wedge labiaplasty, but I’m left with a scalloped bumpy left side and a right side that is almost gone.  But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is the HUGE BUMP just under my clitoris.  I also have a weird bump on the left labia and towards the anal and vaginal opening some weird skin...

I am so scared. I thought I had done my research, I thought I was careful.  My doctor is telling me that I must wait six months for this to fully heal, but I'm losing faith in him every appointment I go to. I was wondering how long one would be required to wait after the initial surgery to have the corrective surgery.

Please get back to me with any information you have, including price ranges.
Thank you so much. 

 Just seeing your website gives me hope.

Labiaplasty nightmareI have no labia minora on either side due to a botched labia minora reduction surgery. I really want a labia minora and can't find any doctor that does that type of surgery.  Can your doctors give me labia minora on both sides?  Could you kindly e-mail me with a yes or no response ASAP?  I live in Alberta and will travel anywhere to have this surgery.   (Alberta, Canada)

Labiaplasty nightmareHello, I went to my gynecologist for just a trim on the left labia, seems that she completely removed my labia and I now I feel embarrassed of ever showing myself in bed.... how can this be fixed and the cost please (please can I see photos too).  (Texas)

Labiaplasty nightmareI had labiaplasty surgery in November 2010. I am not happy with the results and would like to discuss revision.  It's not symmetrical; the labia majora is still to beefy for me and the technique she used caused some bulging at the top at the bottom.   Look forward to hearing from you.  (Australia)

Labiaplasty nightmareI recently had a botched labiaplasty, needs repaired, not sure if I should change doctors, I'm afraid he will make it worse, what do I do?  (Tennessee)

Labiaplasty nightmareI’m pretty sure I have a botched surgery, my clit is exposed a lot... and I feel as if they took too much off of everything.  I would like to know if I can get it repaired.  I live fairly close and can send you pictures.  I am freaking out and I don’t know if what she has done is normal... please contact me.  It’s only been 3 days btw and the immediate after pics look awful, like I could have done a better job.  It’s crooked and just too much missing.  Thanks so much!  (Kentucky)

Labiaplasty nightmareI am still in pain from my botched vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, labiaplasty (suggested by the doctor). My insides are exposed and I am not able to return to my regular activities. I am on disability right now and I need a revision before I am expected to return to work. I have no children and this was my first cosmetic procedure which has left me castrated. I have not been able to go to the bathroom without laxatives; I am always in constant pain. Please help. (California)

Labiaplasty nightmareI recently had a labia minora reduction by my gynecologist who I trusted and was completely comfortable with everything. I have always wanted my labia reduced because it was so uncomfortable. I suffer from excessive discharge so my long labia was always irritated and itchy. Wearing tighter clothes was difficult. I remember feeling relieved right before my surgery. When I awoke and got to look I was shocked. The way he cut was so strange and he cut off way too much. I feel too open. I am completely traumatized. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to take the time to look at some photos of my surgery through email and give me your opinion. I ask this because I live in Canada and its quite hard to pop in for a consultation. I want some of my labia back or figure out a way to make me feel less exposed. Like cover my insides more. Please help me. I NEED help. Please let me know what you think.  (New Jersey)

Labiaplasty nightmareI was just looking at your site. I want to get a revision done.  My labia were amputated on both sides completely.  I'm extremely upset by it.  I also have scar tissue near the clitoris and my perineum (which I'm still not sure why he touched my perineum at all).  But, I want to get a revision. I'm EXTREMELY scared to do so because I do not want my clitoris affected anymore.  Has there ever been an issue with a patients clitoris after revision?  I'm petrified, but I cannot deal with how it is anymore.  I have scar tissue all around the clitoris and there are two chunks of skin just left on top under the clitoris, along with above it on both sides. He also left one random chunk of labia on the bottom near the opening to my vagina. His response when he saw that at a post-op was "weird." I have scar tissue that is bothering me near the opening as well.

Thanks for your help.   (Location not disclosed)

Labiaplasty nightmareI saw your page on internet, and I have one question.  I had my labiaplasty a week ago, and I'm horrified with the result. Surgeon that preformed operation has removed my inner lips completely!!!   So, now I would like to know is it possible to fix that, and what would be the price of that procedure. (Location not disclosed)

Labiaplasty nightmareI had labiaplasty done a few months ago and am extremely upset with the results.  I went to my gynecologist and I am now in even more discomfort than before and extremely embarrassed with how it turned out.  I was looking online and looking to get some information from you guys.  Thank you.  (Michigan)

Labiaplasty nightmareI suffered complete amputation of the Labia minora and also the skin of the clitoris.   I need to do something to improve the appearance of my vagina and clitoris.  Because with this problem I lost my life, my career, I do not feel like a woman, a person, etc.. I feel my life is over.

I would like to know the price of the consultation and approximate price of a surgery reconstruction for me provide the total cost of travel.

Thank you very much.  (Brazil)

Labiaplasty nightmareI need someone to help me please!!   My Gyno performed a Vulvectomy on me a few weeks ago.  I may be the worst case u have ever seen.  I have searched for a pic on the internet that is similar and have not seen one quite as bad! I have wanted this done for 10 years now and just found out in 2007 that a procedure even existed.  Spend the last 16 months building up my sick time at work to have this done and - am literally IN PIECES! I am scared and the Doctor has not seen me since the day of surgery or returned my calls and messages.   I went in and saw her nurse twice and I'm still in so much pain!  I have 6 kids so I was not planning on being "down" this long.  I have no problem sending pics. I had an infection and I think I'm getting another one now.   Too much was cut off, stitches ripped apart immediately and blood clots were in holes.  I am begging you from the bottom of my heart to help me! My husband won't even look at it and I am so lost right now. Please call or email me please. Thanks for your time.  (Alabama)

Labiaplasty nightmareI had a labiaplasty done one month ago and the surgeon removed almost all of my inner labia.  All I wanted was to reduce them.  I’m so unhappy with the results.  I can’t sleep and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I have been looking on internet and I found your site and that it is possible to maybe fix this? I’m going back to the surgeon to reconstruct the area, but I’m so afraid he will destroy it more.  Is it possible to send a picture to you and maybe you could tell me what can be done.  I don’t know what to do, I’m so depressed.  Please tell me what to do.  (Norway)

Labiaplasty nightmareFirst I must tell you that my English is not so good, but I hope you understand me anyway. I’m sending you some pictures after the surgery I had two months ago. The surgeon did labia minora reduction, clitoral hood reduction and fat injection in the labia majora. I told him that I just wanted to reduce the labia minora so they could have the same size, the labia minora on the left side was much bigger than the other, the labia minora on the right side wasn’t too big at all. I also told him that my labia majora was too long, they got very swollen in tight pants and I could never feel comfortable in bikini and things like that. He said that he didn’t think they were too big but they needed this fat injection which I think only made them bigger and now they feel really hard and unnatural. The labia minora looks now really weird, and I feel like I don’t have anything left down there. They have a strange color and shape. The surgeon tells me that he did what we got agree about but I’m going back to him in one week to talk about what can be done and I’m so nervous about it. I don’t know what to do. Can you tell me if this is a good result after a operation like this? Because I really feel that it is not. I'm really depressed about this. The skin around the clitoral hood feels really hard and I know it’s early to say but I feel like a don’t have any feelings down there anymore. I regret this so much.

A few weeks later:
I have went back surgeon again, and I don’t want to go back to him for reoperation, I didn't feel that he understood me at all. He said we could try to fix this, but I'm afraid it will only make it worse. I want to come to Atlanta.  (Brazil)

Labiaplasty nightmareHad labiaplasty and just really need your help:-( (Texas)

Labiaplasty nightmareI had a labiaplasty procedure done by my gynecologist about six months ago and the results are a disaster. I also feel a slight pain in one labia and it looks darker. Also the clitoral hood does not look proportional to the rest of the vulva. What would be an estimated cost to fix this problem?  (Australia)

Labiaplasty nightmareSorry if you'll see some mistakes in my text, I don’t speak English so good yet.  I will try to explain you what my problem is. I don’t think you ever had such case like mine.  I’m Russian, 37 years old.  I got some operations from gynecologist in Russia.  But they were not good.  And I would like you to look at the photos. 

I got a vaginoplasty and labia minora and majora plasty too. The doctor cut my labia majora and they come with very visible asymmetry, also labia minora were very different from both sides.  She said it happens and she will correct it in 3 months.  I got 2 more surgeries and I got very bad result I’m even not sure it can be corrected now.   She amputated completely my labia minora and connected labia majora scars together on top.  I so sorry I went to that doctor and trusted her.  Now i got not so much skin there and not sure it’s possible to form new lips. 

My last correction was only 2 months ago.  And some day I plan to go to some good doctor and get another surgery.  I cannot mistake no more. 

Thanks for reading this letter and i hope to hear from you soon.  (Russia)

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore specialize in Labia Revisions and Repairs. For more information and Before and After Pictures, go to

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