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Radio & TV Spots About Drs. Miklos and Moore

Miklos and Moore Radio features

Star 94

Sexual Dysfunction in Women, The Big “O”

Dave FM

Dr. Moore talking about the G-Shot on Dave FM

Dave FM

The Bert Show - Dr. Moore Talks About the G-Shot

Dave FM

The Bert Show - Promo for CBS Atlanta, The Pink Pill

Dave FM

Dr. Moore in Studio Talking About the Big "O"

Dave FM

"Why Women Sometimes Aren't in the Mood For Sex"

Miklos and Moore Television features

Vanity Insanity

TLC's Strange Sex

CBS Atlanta

“Women Take a Shot at Better Sex”

Dr. Moore - the G-Shot

CBS Atlanta

“Women Take a Shot at Better Sex”

Dr. Moore -Women Take A Shot at Better Sex

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